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The Destiny Addicts

For 80+ episodes The Destiny Addicts have been bringing Destiny fans something fun to listen to each week. Join Bushman Bob & Kendo Gibbo for an hour (or two) of laughs, adult jokes, blumpkins and candid discussions about the latest news from Bungie & Destiny. Join us for discussions about crucible, raids, seasons, Shadowkeep and all things Destiny.

Discussions about all things Destiny 2

We're veteran guardians who share a passion for Destiny as our hobby and game we play admittedly too much. Think of the Destiny Addicts Podcast as your go to source for all our thoughts, opinions, advice and shameless rants about inappropriate things at just the right times.

Shockingly Funny

Bushman Bob and Kendo Gibbo got jokes and they pull no stops on this show. This isn't your kid friendly Destiny podcast. Adults welcome who do not offend easily only.

In-depth Destiny Talks

Each week we discuss the latest happenings in the world of Destiny 2. We discuss raids, special events, seasons, expansions rumors and much more. We also tell adult jokes.

Let's Plays & Clan

Join Bushman Bob for live Destiny 2 fun from crucible to raids and everything in between. Did we mention that we also have a Destiny clan? Guardians wanted.

Special Guests

Occasionally we invite special guests from the Destiny community to crash Destiny Addicts and allow us to roast them for an episode. We have done parodies in the past.

We're on a mission to spread charity & positivity in Destiny

Destiny Addicts are on a mission to help create awareness about international causes through our podcast, streams & patreon. All proceeds support important causes like the fight against animal cruelty and the australian women's rights movement.

The Hosts

Bushman Bob

Founder & Host

Kendo Gibbo